AirFit Studio | Programs
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We have a diverse offering of AirYoga, Power Airyoga, AirYogalates, Airflow, Airyoga Therapeutics, Balance Ball, AcroYoga to cater to all levels and needs. The variety of classes offers practitioners different options to suit their objectives, schedule and mood whilst still working together as a whole. All yoga classes are taught in English/Mandarin. After classes our teachers are happy to give explanations and assistance in other languages as well.


Airyoga classes focus on building a strong foundation and refining your Aerial yoga practice. Great emphasis is placed on posture explanations and alignment, safe practice and correct breathing habits.  These classes are intended to solidify your foundation while opening, strengthening and detoxifying your body.
Please note that we do not offer fixed sequence, our instructors build their sequences from their unique experience, so every time you come to class you can enjoy variety. These classes will transform you on all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually. Class is suitable for all levels.


AirFlow is a combination of Aerial arts, acrobatics and creative dance. If you enjoy complete inversion and suspensions, this class is for you. These class emphasize mindful movements that are coordinated with the breath,strengthen your entire body and cleanse your mind and soul. Our teachers build their sequences from their unique experience, therefore each class is unique, inspiring and takes you on a completely different journey.

During this class you will develop your creativity and a sense of freedom as you hang freely in the air! Level : Intermediate, Aerial Skill required.


AirYogalates is an energizing practice incorporating the use of the fabrics to control movement, develop core and strengthen muscle without bulking. It offers a solid practice of the “powerhouse” consisting of the abdomen, low back and hips. Aerial skill required.

Power Airyoga

Connecting with your body in the air, Power Airyoga blends techniques such as cardio exercise, aerial yoga and creative dance. By reversing the flow of gravity, you will detox your body and send fresh nutrients to the face creating a glowing effect on the skin. You will increased blood flow to brain cells and stimulate refreshed blood to the master glands that are vital to your well-being. During this class you will build strength and endurance, and focus on reinforces changes in mind and body. Class is open for all level.

Airyoga Therapeutics

Airyoga Therapeutics is dedicated to the total rehabilitation and restoration of the body, mind and soul. During this practice, the fabrics are used for complete relaxation as you lay down. Expect to achieve a deeper sense of stillness, peace and well-being releasing the negative effects of stress. You will detox, nurture and relax your joints, spine and internal systems. These class allow your entire body to stretch gently and release deep-held physical and mental blockages.

Classes perfectly complement the more rigorous class styles and are enhanced by meditative music, mindfulness and deep breathing. It’s a must for everyone.


AcroYoga combines yoga practice with the dynamic power of acrobatics by movements with a loving kindness of healing arts.

You will share playful moments while cultivating trust and communication through partner work. The base often on the ground supports the flyer. The flyer is the person moving in the air. The Spotter takes care of safety and support.

Classes are open to everyone, alone or with a friend/partner.

It does look challenging, come surprise yourself how quick you can learn to fly. Get ready to have fun, lots of it!

Balance Ball

Our Balance Ball are focus on the core, lower back, abdomen, obliques, inner and outer thigh, buttocks. This special designed sequence helps you to archive a greater balance of your body, at the meantime, it will build up the body awareness. Supportive tools as fit ball and mini exercise ball. These unique benefits will protect you against injuries. Classes are focused on building a strong core which is well balanced with your mind and keeps you in perfect symmetry.


Our Balance Ball class can be attended by anyone regardless of age or fitness level.